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Florist designer in Brittany, I create beautiful floral decoration for your wedding in Brittany and all over France!

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Les Ephémères

Florist wedding designer

Wedding floral designer: tailored floral decor

As a wedding floral designer, my aim is to make of your wedding day, the most special day of all: we make sure everything is set on schedule: centerpieces, wedding arch, floral urns, hanging structures, bridal bouquet…. you name it

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Flowers at the Wedding of a Casino Player.
There are several different ways to make the wedding of a casino player look beautiful. You can use flowers from the florist of your choice or pick up some cheap faux flowers. Either way, your guests will have no idea where the flowers came from. Regardless of your choice, it will be a memorable day. Hopefully, you’ll feel compelled to include them in your reception as well.

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Wedding service

Your wedding will be a unique moment in your life.
Our main goal is to create a tailored grand decor in tone with your personality from the beginning to the end: wedding arch, hanging structures, bridal bouquet, wreath….

My studio is nested in the gorgeous landscape of Brittany in France, and my work is inspired by its lush vegetation. I love to travel, and i will go wherever your event takes me.

I would be happy to discuss your exciting project, just fill the form below or give me a call and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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The aim of these workshops is to spend a couple of days away from the everyday rush and have some quality me time in a very special environment.

You will be creating loose, romantic bouquet, table arrangements, abundant garden style arch while meeting other professionals, offering truly unique and exciting floral experience.

I try to help you re engage with your creativity, slow down and really love the individual beauty of each element you will use in your design

Responsible Florist

What is that ?

I am extremely sensitive to flowers and the nature that surrounds me. I have decided to take a responsible approach as a florist and to be able to make a living from my profession while limiting my carbon footprint. I am trying to take care of nature in my own way by using environmentally friendly methods and techniques. For me, being a responsible florist is based on several objectives :

To work with 100% French flowers

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, I no longer use foreign flowers (roses from Ecuador and Kenya, flowers from Holland) which travel around the world four times before being used in my bouquets. I only work with French and seasonal flowers, which also allows me to support local producers. In this respect, I defend my values within the Collectif de la Fleur Française, of which I am a member and which is inspired by the “slow flower” revolution that began in the United States in the mid-2000s and has since spread throughout the world. Its name pays tribute to the famous Slow Food movement, which campaigns for responsible agriculture.

I started to produce some of my flowers without chemicals in my garden, to have at hand the flowers that I can’t find at the French producers and that bring their touches to my compositions. I glean on a regular basis, taking sparingly and respectfully the plants I need.

As I work on a just-in-time basis for events (weddings, training sessions, shootings), I order the quantity of flowers I need and have almost no waste. Even if this happens, my bouquets are a pleasure to my friends and family and to my composter when they are wilted.

Les Ephemeres - Fleuriste mariage luxe Angers - Bretagne - Maine et Loire - Paris

Reducing my waste

I aim to reduce my waste, and one day achieve “zero waste”, and I make all my arrangements and decorations without floral foam.
These green cubes have many advantages but also a major disadvantage because floral foam is a petrochemical product, a plastic derivative, which is not biodegradable. Moreover, when it crumbles, particles that are visible and not visible to the naked eye end up in the water. To counter this problem I have developed techniques with materials that I reuse, exploring my knowledge and my unlimited creativity.
The flowers I order are delivered in consigned water containers and reused without packaging or frills and all my waste is sorted and deposited in a waste disposal centre (cardboard, small plastic). As for my green waste, I recycle it directly by putting it in my composter to feed my next plantations.
So many small gestures respectful of the environment that are important to me and give me the satisfaction of achieving a little more every day !!